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Franklin Solar 

The SubDrive Solar QuickPAK is the System Solution to your solar pumping requirements. No other system delivers the features, benefits, and reliability of SubDrive Solar QuickPAK in just one package.
Gates Belts 

Every day, customers around the world rely on Gates Products in an almost endless range of applications. 

The company's industrial belts provide power to all kinds of machines, from rock crushers, copy machines to motor cycles and its automotive belts transfer power to air conditioners and alternators. 
We stock the largest range; helping you.


PVC Pipe  - SWJ & RRJ
DWV Pipe
Stormwater Pipe
Rural Poly Pipe
Metric Poly Pipe 
Popup sprinklers
Lawn Controllers
Drip Irrigation
Made in Sth Aust
Household Pressure Pumps
Engine Drive Transfer Pumps
Pressure switches & Gauges

Rural & Metric Fittings
Drip Fittings
Micro & Spray Sprinklers
BSP Poly Fittings
Float Valves
Turbine and Submersible Pumps
Heavy & Thin Walled Dripperlines
Disc Filters & Hydrocyclones
Valves & Water Meters
Frost Mitigation Systems

Shallow & Deep Well Jet Pumps 
Hi-Flow & Quickfill Transfer Pumps
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Premium Italian
Pressure Pumps
Sump Pumps
Variable Speed Pumps (VSD)
Solar Submersibles 

Garden Hoses and Fittings
Dripper Poly Pipe
Galv & Steel 
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Poly BSP Fittings
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Lawrence's Irrigation. It's your locally owned, independent, family irrigation business. 

Facts & Stuff

Irrigation occupies a very small portion of Australia - 5% of tilled agricultural lands - but produces 30% of all agricultural production.

H2O is an increasingly precious resource. Worldwide demand is growing for this irreplaceable resource and, although over 70% of the earths surface is covered in the stuff, less than 0.5% is actually able to be be consumed.  

In the Lower Limestone Coast water is used by:

Agriculture: 97%
Household: 1%
Mining & Manufacture: 1%
Other: The remainder

Drip irrigation has proven to be the most effient watering method available.
Hardly any water is wasted through wind, evaporation, run-off or overspray. 
Drip irrigation also reduces the risk of erosion, soil compaction and insect and fungal problems in plants.
It's great for all your garden areas!